Welcome to ConQuest NW

ConquestlogConQuest NW is open to all ages and provides an exciting opportunity for the community to come together and game nonstop for nearly 80 hours in your favorite games with hundreds of your fellow gaming buddies! (We had over 400 gamers at our show last year!)
Join us once again at the Sheraton Bellevue Seattle East Hotel.
Our focus is on social games; including RPGs, Miniatures, LARPs, Collectable Card and Miniature games, Board Games and Card Games.
ConQuest NW offers over 200 convention-sponsored games run by Game Masters over the 4-day weekend.
We also provide Seminars, New Game Demos, Dealers’ Room, Open Gaming Rooms, and much more!

Checkout Mondo’s Blog on his favorite subject – Gaming!

Volunteers Needed
We need volunteers to help us out in many areas during the con.
Volunteering just twelve hours will earn your Convention Badge.

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Master The Art Of Monster Legends Hack With These Eight Tips

Many of you probably wonder if you want to use Monster Legends hack or not in this game. It is totally alright in using one and no one can really tell you either you need one or not. It really does not matter too much the question about either it is right to use Monster Legends hack or not. The more important question here is, either you can find a safe enough and reliable Monster Legends hack. I can’t deny it is really very fortunate of me to have the luck of finding this very safe and reliable Monster Legends hack. Trust me when I say that my monsters just got better with the help of http://www.androidshock.com/ this hack. As a result, I have monsters which grow up stronger and powerful than the others’. It is amazing how fast I go up the levels after having used this hack.

Being new to Monster Legends, it is very likely that you do not really know how it functions. What is the best way to level up and not to mention, to level up quickly? Safe and reliable Monster Legends hack is of course, the fastest way for you to level up in this game. There are certain tactics in this game of Monster Legends, if you know and master them, you can be a leader here.

First of all, it is important for you to knwo that gold is the main currency in Monster Legends. Remember to accumulate as much gold earnings as possible in this game. Bear in your mind that it http://www.miniclip.com/games/genre-503/android/en/ is very important for you to learn to use your habitats efficiently because your gold earnings depend on your habitats planning. This is due to the fact that more than 50 percent of your total gold earnings do come from your gold earnings from your habitats. Items like monsters and eggs can also be sold for gold. Clearing out meteorites and rubbles is an alternative way for you to get some gold if you no longer have monsters or eggs. When you perform the tasks of clearing meteorites and rubbles, in return, you get food and or gem as a reward of some sort. Please understand that there are other ways for you to earn gold in this game as well beside the examples that I mentioned earlier. You can also win gold in the so called daily reward. Everyday there are specific daily rewards that are available either in the game or made available on Twitter. If you just go to Monster Legends’ Twitter page and follow it, you will get notification on the special offer or daily reward that is available in this game.There are some days where you can even get up to 10 times your daily reward in the game, if you are lucky of course. It is simply just so cool, isn’t it? Just imagine this, on a day when your lucky star is on your side and you are lucky enough to get such daily reward, and if you are also using monster legends cheats too, you really can get yourself a whole lot of gold and hence go up the levels very fast.

You can also make your monsters take part in the Dragon market in order to earn some extra gold. Please bear in mind that, with the help from your good friends in this game, you can go collect food and earn gold in the Dragon market. It is therefore, very vital for you to keep making new friends and build your relationship with them because with their help, you can totally get more resources and you make them quickly. Just be aware that there is a difference in gold reward in killing a boss and a monster, when you kill a boss you do get more gold.

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The Secret For King Of Thieves Cheats Revealed in 5 Simple Steps

You have found this amazing and totally fascinating game called the King of Thieves and have spent a lot of time trying to become the wealthiest thief in the world but still, cannot seem to do so, in this case, you most likely need to use our King of Thieves hack. Having discovered the King of Thieves, I find this game really cool and interesting, hence that explains why I am spending so many hours a day on this game trying my best to become the most well-to-do thief in the world, but, I am ashamed to admit that I just can’t seem to do it all by myself and after I started using King of Thieves cheats, I just played so much better. I find this King of Thieves game really engaging once I have started playing it.

The Best King of Thieves cheats…ever! So, I have told you about this King of Thieves hack, what exactly does it do? In what way can using it gives you your competitive edge in this game? Wow, this is like unbelievably awesome really! I must admit that by using this hack, I can steal gold and prized gems from all the others around the globe. I want you to know that this hack enables me to http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/23431348-king-of-thieves loot other players’ prized gems and gold and make them my own, muahahahaha. In all honesty, it really speeds up my ranking in this game and helps me accumulate precious gems and gold quickly and easily by stealing those of the players who challenges me. I am sure that they must have wondered what have I used to tackle them with such ease, so, just let this be a little secret between you and me, just don’t let any of my rivals know that it was due to this awesome hack that I found.

If something can help you get better in your game, makes stealing gold and gems from other players that much easier and also fetches the most upgraded crafts and traps for your game, I don’t see any reason not using it, sounds logical doesn’t it? Just give these King of Thieves cheats a try, I promise, you will not regret it. No doubt that with the cheats in hands, you can utilise them to help you construct one of a kind and powerful dungeon with better traps. Not only that, you can also attack others’ dungeons with ease by being a more powerful attacker. Thanks to the hack, I become a way richer and hence stronger player in this game because it helps me to steal my rivals’ treasures easily from their dungeons.

Well, it is really fun trying to steal gold and treasured gems from other players, building defence in one’s dungeon is very intriguing as well. If you love stealing gold and precious gems from your rivals from around the world and enjoy constructing defence for your beloved dungeon in this game, you probably will enjoy the ability to customise the main avatar here too. Even without using king of thieves cheats , you can customise nice, cool outfits for your main avatar in this game. To keep your character looking cool and awesome, just continue playing the game and keep going up the level, as simple as that. Beside the fact that the ultimate goal in this game is to be able to play in the golden league and then become the world’s richest thief. Why not try building allies too? Cooperation is always stronger than standing alone, that is why, in this game, you can find reliable friends to be your allies. You can protect your gold and gems against hostile guilds of rival thieves by simply working together with your allies.

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Boom Beach Hack Tool – The More You Need

boom beach picWe are the one for you. frankly that teleporting car like boom beach hack tool what was that about fellow. Rescue them all! Japan’s Consumer Affairs Agency has distinct that a scheme widely followed by online crippled manipulators on SNS internet sites social networking service transgresses a law on sales methods. researching Albion is passing fun and addictive before and after finding your seat on the throne.

Without an excellent net connection, you could not have got the entertaining with all those dumb downloading of the arts and protracted breaks. Each is distinguishable and haves a especial listing of skills. Some examples of halting apers let in Raine emulator which can emulate 300 arcade record. But before I speak about them, I require to go side-ways for a moment. Take a image.

My male parent was Gene Roddenberry, creator of Star Trek. Release in 2007, your fourth installment with the Elder Scroll serials, Oblivion is an excellent role-playing halt filled up with concerning and well conceived out details and a absorbing storyline. tempestuous dolls plot is gratis in android market. It’s a great topographic point to put dissimilar parts and unlike things that you’re traveling to need. And I am surrounded by three gargantuan kitty hitting down automatons suspiring firing and hitting daggers out of their eyes and their hands, and and so likewise shouting out anti-kitty epithets. and so you go to the Tools menu, go to Developer Tools. Your kids are bound to roll in the hay these bodily processes without a doubt.

boom beach mapThe following one is moving to be manual dexterity and manual dexterity is both your manus and fts manipulative offices. So its not dear, but at the same time, in that respect are thousands of plots at this price or lower berth which appear bettor, play bettor, intelligent bettor, and are more enjoyable. Do you retrieve the one-time racing arcade stakes comparable Daytona 500? I draw the Ms. manlike fictional character figure of speech as: A distaff version of an already launched or default on virile fictional character.

But the narrative, care the actual floors, I base, it’s rarified that I run into a halt that actually has lawfully estimable storytelling. It’s knockout to wrap up your mind around how far we’ve let since and then. Oh my good. Are yearlings too vernal for computing machines? flashing games are now the latest addition in this field to function the purpose. unluckily, you can’t interact with any of them. Metro: terminal light shines its way into sec place on the countdown. Still…the lame stays dependable to the serials extending enough takes exception to keep me spieling.

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Champions of Conquest

The ConQuest brand of conventions builds community for gamers in Seattle, San Francisco,
Sacramento, and Los Angeles, and affords game manufacturers and retailers the opportunity
of direct contact with the frontline through vendor booths, game demonstrations, and sponsorships.
Avalon Conventions will support your sales efforts by providing high visibility to your
products, helping to promote your brand through special events and demonstration games,
and by creating an atmosphere of fun. What better way to generate word of mouth support
for your products than by demonstrating them to an audience of the most dedicated gamers
in the West.
Product sales at the convention have represented the visible bottom line for dealers. Equally
important – though less obvious – is the exposure for future sales to the consumer and name
recognition within the ranks of the gamers. Manufacturers can educate local distributors and
store buyers in your products, plans and sales efforts so that they can multiply your own
efforts many times. Individual stores can build awareness with the gaming community by
increasing familiarity with your location and your product offering.

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